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A Peak Inside

Here we go Reality came in like a force this week.  After working through our design concept with the team at Madison Taylor, we have this stunning visual to put out in to the world. When I first brought this project to Madison, I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to do.  […]

The One With The Keys

This month is BIG! Curio is approaching a huge milestone in November and I am counting it down. T-8 days until I take the keys to 462 Bayfield Street, Curio HQ, and this journey takes on a whole new life. Throughout the month of November, you can expect to see us there a lot. Tearing […]

The One with a Video!

Curio Exploration Hub + Madison Taylor Design When I decided to launch Curio, I knew I was going to need help. Like, a lot of help. Help from my family, help from my friends, and help from the community. My community support has come in the form of Madison Taylor. Working with Madison and her […]

The One With The Location

And we have our home I began the location search for Curio in the summer of 2018.  With each new space I toured I thought, “this is it!”.  I was over eager, incredibly excited and had my sparkly new blinders on that shielded me from just about everything ;). I couldn’t wait to secure a […]

What is a Children’s Museum?

Is that what we are? It took me some time to really define what Curio is; are we a children’s play centre, a fun recreation space, a learning resource? In our early stages of promoting Curio I stuck to “Exploration Hub”, followed by a handful of sentences to describe what my over all plan was.  […]

Celebrate Barrie

Celebrate Barrie did not disappoint This was the first of a handful of “on location” events we are participating in this year, and we had a blast! The build up to Celebrate Barrie was filled with so much excitement for us and we hope everyone who stopped to play enjoyed a few highlights from our […]

The Newsletter

Here we go, it all seems to be starting now This process is an amazing ride and it is going at WARP SPEED! We’ve thought that the best way to make sure our community doesn’t miss out on updates is to send out newsletters.  Maybe monthly? We don’t want to inundate or exhaust you, but […]

The One With The Fear

That’s me, the one with the fear. Each step along the way I knew we could stop. Anytime. Just stop.  Until one day, we couldn’t. It’s comical really to think about how fast it happened.  One day we’re on vacation in sunny California having a magical day with the family at the Bay Area Discovery […]

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The Philosophy

We’re finding our voice An interesting part of the process of creating your own path in life, is that you are given the opportunity to find your voice and speak it out loud. And maybe, if you are really lucky people will listen and feel a sense of togetherness.  A sense of community. As I […]

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The Opportunity

The opportunity to start them young S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) thinking begins in infancy. Through our research with the Centre for Childhood Creativity, it is clear that there are a lot of opportunities in front of us to bring these skills to our youth. Children are naturally curious, born eager to explore […]

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