And we have our home

I began the location search for Curio in the summer of 2018.  With each new space I toured I thought, “this is it!”.  I was over eager, incredibly excited and had my sparkly new blinders on that shielded me from just about everything ;). I couldn’t wait to secure a space and build my dream.

But, I was reminded to take my pauses, slow it down and make sure I committed to a location that would fulfill everything I had hoped for.

In my mind, I wanted to deliver to the community a boutique Children’s Museum that would become a part of a families weekly or monthly routine, much like athletics.  In order to do that, our location needed to be centrally located among retailers that often occupy that ever long weekend “to-do” list.

Enter, SmartCentres.

When I came across an empty space off of Bayfield Street, my first thought was how incredibly unrealistic it seemed to neighbour chains such as Walmart, Carter’s, Reitmans, Loblaws, Old Navy. How was I suppose to make this work?

Even after our very first conversation about Curio, the Leasing Team for SmartCentres expressed excitement about having us as part of their development, and so began the negotiations of our space.  A few tense moments, a little bit of doubt and a whole lot of anticipation and excitement later, and here we are.

462 Bayfield Street North, Barrie ON.  Our new home!

Construction will start this fall, and everyone is working hard to open Curio this year!  Stay tuned for updates as we go.


Stay Curio-s

Steph S.



Stay Curio-s

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