That’s me, the one with the fear.

Each step along the way I knew we could stop. Anytime. Just stop.  Until one day, we couldn’t.

It’s comical really to think about how fast it happened.  One day we’re on vacation in sunny California having a magical day with the family at the Bay Area Discovery Museum, and the next I am sharing Curio with my small piece of the world on social media.  In reality there were 10 months in between the two, but as I look back now it feels like yesterday.

The steps in between are starting to become a blur, but the fear has always been there.  It has been the quiet voice inside me that creeps up after each confident conversation I have with my spouse, after each excited discovery I share with friends and after each pitch to a new business partner I so desperately want to work with. As excited as I am, I am scared that I am risking too much and that the vision I have in my mind won’t be as well received as I need it to be or that I won’t be able to fully execute it.

But the funny thing about fear is that if you don’t let it paralyze you, it can be your strongest ally. It reminds you that what you are working for is worth it. It reminds you, that you are worth it. It pushes you to overcome it.

So, I continue on with my confident voice and my excited ideas and my perfect pitches and I take that fear and turn it into drive, into passion, into my future.

I am grateful today for the support we are given, it means more than any word I could articulate.  And it helps keep that fear quiet just a little longer.

Thank you for today.

Stay Curio-s

Steph S.



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